Luminox 7051.BO vs. 3051.BO vs. 3081.BO

Luminox 7051.BO Colormark 38mm Blackout – This new smaller size Colormark has been created for men seeking a smaller alternative or women who like the Luminox style but feel that the standard size is too large. Please note: the 7051.BO has a significantly smaller width/ length band than that of the 3051.BO or 3081.BO. If you are worried about this watch fitting, we recommend that you measure your wrist with a piece of string and ruler.

Luminox 3051.BO Navy Seal Colormark Blackout – With the same reliability and similar rugged design as the Original Navy Seal, the Navy Seal 3051 Colormark Blackout has a black polyester case with a black rubber bracelet along with a completely black dial and bezel. The 3051.BO is literally a larger scale version of the 7051.BO. The overall length of the 3051.BO is 10.75 inches –  about 1.5 inches longer than the 7051.BO.

Luminox 3081.BO Colormark Chronograph Blackout – The Luminox Colormark Chronograph offers everything that the 3051.BO offers, but a little more. The 3081.BO includes a built in chronograph feature, turning your timepiece into a stopwatch. This feature does add a small amount of weight and comes at a bit of a higher price; so if you aren’t going to utilize the extra technology, there’s no sense in paying for it! However, if you are going to utilize the chronograph feature, you need not worry about additional diameter size compared to the 3051.BO, they both come in a 44mm diameter case with a 23mm band and mineral crystal.


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